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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  January 29, 2017 10:30am-11:30am EST

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building a wall between the u.s. and mexico. and building a relationship with russia. we talk with reince priebus and with john mccain. we hear from the first muslim member of the house, keith ellison. we will have plenty of political analysis, it's all ahead on "face the nation." >> dickerson: good morning, welcome to "face the nation" i'm john dickerson. airports were flooded with protesters yesterday. after visa and green card holders from the seven predominantly muslim countries named in president trump's immigration ban were denied entry. some incoming passengers were held for hours. late last night a federal judge issued a stay of deportations for immigrants in the country or in transit. around the
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allies including the united kingdom, france and germany condemned the action. iran and iraq have threatened resip owe cal actions against the united states. we begin with the chief of staff, reince priebus. good morning mr. priebus. i want to start with the message this sends this. is the first move donald trump has taken with international reaction. is this america's first message? >> absolutely. yesterday, what people need to understand is 325,000 foreign travelers came into the united states. about 109 of those people were detained for further questioning. they came from the identified seven countries that the obama administration and both houses of congress have identified as countrth
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terrorists. they were asked questions. the vast majority of the people were released. a couple dozen people remained for further questioning. my suspicion is those people will move on as long as they're not dangerous and perhaps a couple of them will be further detained because it's determined they're dangerous for this country. this was a promise that president elect -- president trump made. it's a promise he will keep. he's not willing to be wrong on this subject. we need to do our best to be vigilant and protect americans. >> dickerson: there was another 170 or so stopped before getting on planes. >>hat's right. dickerson: let me ask you about green card holders. there is confusion about those with lawful permanent residence in the united states. our understanding is they will get extra scrutiny if they come in the seven count,
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correct? >> the executive order itself is not placing further burdens on people with green cards. the reality, this is where people get confused, a customs and border control agent has a wide discretion in asking questions and making sure the person coming in is not dangerous to americans. what i'm trying to explain , if you're a person with a green card for whatever reason from yemen. you're coming back and forth from yemen to jfk. it's reasonable to expect a few more questions for you, wondering why you come back and forth from yemen. maybe it's no big deal. it does mean that, that person traveling back and forth from one of those countries will get a -- a few more questions. >> dickerson: let me ask you this. the director from the white house is a case by case basis the border c
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that. it's not their discretion only but they're encouraged by the white house. and the muslim ban, the president says it's not one and christians will be prioritized. did you check with other muslim countries to anticipate the backlash from this. >> hang own a second. the order says persecuted muslims have priority as well. that's a piece that's getting totally -- however you want to call it. misreported or not fully reported. it is not only christians but persecuted muslims as well this. is not a muslim ban. this is identifying seven countries. the reason we chose the seven countries, those were the seven countries that the congress and obama administration identified as the seven countries most identifiable with dangerous terrorism taking place in their
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country. you can point to other countries with similar problems like pakistan and others. perhaps we need to take it further. for now mediate steps, pulling the bandaid off is to do further vetting for people traveling in and out of the countries. 80% issue, john. >> dickerson: let me -- to get, when president trump was interviewed by the christian broadcasting network. the question was asked, do you see christians with a priority here. the president said yes. back to my central question, did you touch base with the secretary of state. any of the embassies in countries affected or would react to this or to the ambassadors of those countries? any outreach. >> listen, there was plenty of outreach that went on between the state department and the department of home land security. we didn't just type this up in the office in the white house and sign it there has been weeks of work goi
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a lot of communication has happened. the other thing is, this we're not advertising to the world that we're going to put a stop or at least a further vetting on travel in and out of our country from these seven places. some people suggested, john, maybe we should of given everyone a 3-day warning. that means terrorists would move up travel plans by throw days. identifying people in these countries and giving them a heads up in these countries would only potentially flag -- >> dickerson: i understand. what i haven't heard you say, yes we reached out to let them know. this is why i ask, secretary of defense, james mattis, asked about the muslim ban. this is what the secretary of defense said back then. he said, they think we have completely lost it. this is causing us great damage now. it is sending shockwaves through the international system. that is about soin
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trump said in the campaign. it touches on the reaction of this executive order. that's the world out there now. as we see a new president in act i go here. what efforts has he or anyone else taken particularly to deal with what is called a muslim ban overseas. that's just a reality of how things are. what action is being taken? >> today for example the president has a call with leadership in saudi arabia and united air emrits. the truth is we have to protect americans first. these are countries that hasher and train terrorists. we want to know who is coming and going out of these countries. we're be willing to be wrong on this subject. president trump is not willing to take chances on this subject. he was elected president in many
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respects because people knew he would be tough on immigration from countries that harbor terrorists. i can't imagine too many people out there watching this now, think it's unreasonable to ask a few more questions for those traveling in and out of libya and yemen before being let loose in the united states. that's all this is. >> dickerson: the question is doesn't seem like the administration did anything to soften the blow of something it believes strongly in. >> there is no reason to soften the blow. you need to pull the bandaid off john and protect the country from another san bernadino. that was a person with a valid k1 sraoes a a spousal visa, came into the country committed a horrific crime -- >> dickerson: the president was a u.s. citizen. >> she was on a k1, spousal sraoes afplt. >> dickerson: from one of the seven countries. >> listen -- - maybe you're
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the countries. >> dickerson: is that coming? >> like the two people in kentucky planning an attack in kentucky. president obama suspended that program. >> dickerson: in 2011. >> in 2011. the point is valid visas are great. it doesn't mean you shouldn't be subjected to further questioning. >> dickerson: sure. how about diplomacy on russia. the president talked to vladimir putin. did conversation about russian efforts metaling in the last election. >> i won't get into the contents line by line, john, for a secure call in the oval office. it was a positive call. it was a call where president putin and president trump talked to work together, number one to eradicate ice is and terrorism. to work together to resolve problems around the world including syria. there wasn't anything not
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it was an initial call. more of a congradulatory call. it was exactly as the read out said it was yesterday. in the end people should be encouraged by the fact we're starting off on a descent footing with leaders around the world including president putin. >> dickerson: that means so sanctions were discussed either. let me ask you a question about the border wall. there was confusion how it might be paid for. there was talk about a 20% import tax. the response to that from the left and right, that would essentially pass the cost onto american consumers. can you straighten that out for us? >> yes i can straighten that out. there is no final conclusion how the wall will be paid for by the mexican government. it can either be through a tax on goods coming through the border, a tax and formula on import and export taxes
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credits. it could be on drug cartels. it could be on people coming here illegally and paying fines. it could be all of the above. there is a buffet of options we have in order to pay for the wall. we need to pay for the wall. we will build the wall. it will get done. so, we're at the beginning stages of this process. we have been in office for about seven or eight days. we have done an incredible amount. think one thing the people can say about president trump, he's following through on his promises. i don't think people should be surprised he's doing it. i am kind of surprised that people are surprised he's actually conducting himself the way he said he would. being a nan of action and protecting americans. >> dickerson: he has done a lot. people are trying to figure out what it all means and get it straight. mr. priebus, we appreciate being with us. thyo
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dickerson: joining us now in studio is senator john mccain. what is your reaction to president trump's travel ban? >> it is a confused process which the good news is it's only got to do with a pause. the bad news is obviously this process and conclusions were not vetted. there are so many questions, for example it didn't filter down to our customs people who can come in, who can't. is a green card hold eras originally interpreted legally in this country, can that person be bard from coming into the country. i talked with general petrius last night he's concerned about the special sraoess for the interpreters whose lives are in danger as we speak. what about the iraqi pilots training now in tucson, arizona, learning to fly the f16.
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so, there is so much confusion out there. published reports are that the department of home land security or the justice department or others were consulted about this before this decision was made. finally one thing, iraq -- iran. right now we have several thousand americans fighting in iraq against ice is along side iraqi men and women. the battle has taken an enormous toll on the iraqi military. is iraq the same an eye ran is, of course not. it's a very confusing process. i'm glad it's a pause. for us, we have to understand the ramifications of this kind of action. >> dickerson: let me ask you about the international ramifications. reince priebus, t
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staff, says this is a big signal in what america first means. how do you think the rest of the world interprets this as a sign what had donald trump wants to do with his presidency? >> i think you saw the reaction of the prime minister of england who had a successful visit here and the european nations. that's another thing that should of been done, of course. to alert our friends and allies what we were doing. because we expect them to cooperate because people are leaving from these various places, particularly in europe. so, i think the affect will probably in some areas give ice is more propaganda. i'm very concerned about our affect on the iraq he's right now. the dominant influence in iraq today is not the united states of america. it's iran. so, what w
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parliament do? if we're talking about the fight against extremists and isis, there is a battle going on as we speak. we certainly don't need an impediment in driving isis out. >> dickerson: let me switch to russia. chief of staff praoeb i couldn's americans should be encouraged by the hour long phone call. were you encouraged. >> i think phone calls are fine. we have to understand what putin is. he has used precision weapons to bomb hospitals in lepo. that use to qualify as a war crime. his ambitions of destabilizing very nations is very clear. not to mention the attempt to affect america eas
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i believe that peace through strength is the answer. i'm glad that president trump has committed to rebuilding our military. that's one of our first priorities if we're going to deal on a equal basis with vladimir putin. >> dickerson: is there a signal that president trump should send, the u.s. military should send, the u.s. government should send to russia? donald trump -- is there another sign. >> give defensive waebz to the ukrainians. -- weapons to the ukraines. at the our baltic friends there will be a permanent american presence in the countries. give some credit to the obama saadmin. sthraeugs began there. it has to be a clear support. then we have to
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propaganda, against the ball ticks particularly. >> dickerson: the question of water boarding. although the president supports torture the secretary of defense says no. will he trust him. is the issue done for you? >> i hope and pray it's done. i appreciate the general's comment and general mattis' comment of what it does to the people who commit the torture. this is an aspect we haven't examined as much as we should. >> dickerson: more broadly do you find hope in that. you have differences in president trump. he says i have given the secretary of defense the power to over rule me. do you see that more broadly as a positive sign for president trump? >> i think the national security team around president trump is very impressive. i don't think you could ask for a better one. general kelly, general
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the ones they're bringing onto their team. i am worried about the national security council, who are the members of it and the permanent members. the appointment of mr. banon is a radical departure of any security council in history. remember carl rove when he sat in on one and axelrod. look the roll of the chairman of the joint chief of staffs has been did diminished with this reorganization. one person indispensable is the joint chief of staffs, in my view. stkeufplt than>> dickerson: thae to leave it there.
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>> dickerson: we turn now to keith he will i go son who joins us from minneapolis. defenders would say af
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jimmy carter asked students to reports to immigration offices. during the obama administration they paused the iraqi refugee processing. what donald trump is doing here is maybe bigger but keeping with what previous presidents have done. >> you know what, we never have had a religious based ban before. this is a muslim ban, they can't deny it. on the campaign trail he said he wanted a muslim ban. he said on national television there would be other religious groups receiving priority. this is a muslim ban. rudy guiliani who helped him write it said they started with a muslim ban and then languaged it up to avoid that label. it is a religiously based ban which is something that -- our constitution says congress shall make no law establishing a religion
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there of. this is a violation of equal protection. it's a religiously based ban. they can ban muslims why can't they ban mormons why. not move into ethnic groups. >> dickerson: they have named countries already named on lists by the obama administration. if it was a muslim ban why not ban pakistan, turkey, egypt. none of those countries are affected ? >> according to reince priebus they're working on it that's what i heard him tell you. they may add more. the fact is terrorism, a horrible surge on the planet, comes from all kinds of places. somewhere the majority of the population is muslim some not. it even comes from within our country. the fact is we could not make a religious based distinction. we have to go ba
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evidence that we find that people are actually engaged in. let me tell you. when you ban refugees these folks go through an 18-24 month vetting as it is. the fact is, you talk about banning syrians about throw quarters of those folks are women and children. a full third are kids under 12 years old. children, syrian children -- >> dickerson: let me ask you -- >> -- dieing in war. he said those children have no place of refuge in america. i find that unamerican. >> dickerson: you're running to be the head of the democratic national committee. >> right. dickerson: you will be in these debates with president trump. the antidefamation league look at comments i made in 2010, they say they're discalling for you to be head of the dnc. what's your response to that? the comments were about usa -- muslim countries. >> let me tell you this. the fact is
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wanting to talk about a muslim ban. not clip tapes and smears that the right wing is shooting at me. the fact is this morning the president of the united states has issued executive orders to try to punish cities giving help to those undocumented. their police forces working on be half of the people of that city. he has issued a religiously based ban. he has -- >> dickerson: congress man, we have to leave it there, i'm afraid. >> thank you, sir. dickerson: sorry, we're out of time. thank you, congressman. we will be back in a moment.
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were killed in the operation. we will be right back.
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>> dickerson: we will be right back with more "face the nation" including our political panel. stay with us.
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>> dickerson: welcome back to "face the nation." i'm john dickerson. joining us for political analysis, molly ball covering politics for the atlantic. peter baker who has been on assignment in israel. jamelle buoy. and radio host hue hue mit who has a new book out. welcome to all of you. peter, i want to start with you. you have covered a lot of white houses. give me your assessment of the roll out of this ban, and how it's been received. >> obviously it hasn't been rolled out with great efficiency. people don't know what to make it of. the whraoeut house says one thing. dhs says another. that maybe what
11:01 am
wants. he may want to create, you know a sense of -- sense of tkraeupl a and action. it looks like he's doing a big thing. they didn't choose to come out and say this is a narrow thing. that's what you heard this morning when you interviewed reince priebus. he could of said we're taking a narrowly taylor ad proefp to create a saver environment. over all it won't affect most people. they chose to make it seem like a big thing. it became a big thing. >> dickerson: it turns out, president trump is doing what candidate trump said he would do. >> that's right. president trump promised additional scrutiny and vetting to muslim immigrants and refugees. the immigration says this is a narrowly tailored measure they have sold it as a broad measure. it was interpret interpretd andd it was a broad measure. it's in keeping with the
11:02 am
president's rhetoric during the campaign. if anyone was surprised they shouldn't of been surprised. it's been clear from the beginning that president trump plans to carry out campaign prom siss. the problem is some are extremely unpopular. evidence by the mass demonstrations happening against this yesterday. >> dickerson: hugh, there are been a series of different arguments against this. praoeb i couldn't say said this is an 10 percent issue. conservatives have said this is an executive over reach and stepping on what congress should do. on the diplomatic front john mccain says there doesn't appear to be outreach or paving the way. praoeb i couldn'priebus said heo tip a hand. where do you keep on this? >> think it's a ten day campaign to frame president trump's roll out. a man of action.
11:03 am
been said. i believe the press reaction is some bit hysterical. there are broad waves that the 50,000 numbers was the average of 2001-2015 of the refuge ez entered into the united states. president obama increased significantly last year. he had a very good defining ten days. this does put a cap on his extreme vetting. he's keeping his campaign commitments. >> dickerson: molly, he's keeping his campaign commitments. home land security had some confusion, no order until friday. the press wasn't briefed. not just our per og stiffs but the people whose in name this action is taking place. hugh is exactly right a lot of points on the board. is this a cost to the rush. >> the points on the board are
11:04 am
largely symbolic, right. the polling, we weren't in it anyway. everyone assumed it was dead. the building of the wall is more a statement of intent then anything, no groined has been broken. a lot of hoops to jump through before that's done. i agree it was very definitional a lot of actions he took. president trump will be judged when he actually gets results and weather he actually makes america great again. as he said in his inaugural this is the hour of ago eugs. he has created a spectacle reaction. hysterical reaction is a point. he's aou provocative thinker. he loves to make peoples heads explode and do things in a disruptive manner. this is an image he likes, he will be judged eventually when the rubber hits the road. you know obamacare is another example. the execu
11:05 am
obamacare, largely symbolic. when congress does anything can they get it done. that's what will count. >> the point of image is key. i think what president trump may understand is that the kind -- let's say a hysterical backlash to this can harden the opposition seeing among democratic activists and liberal activists two beliefs. one the trump administration is targeting religious and racial minorities in the action. two, any democrat cooperating, not just these things but anything increasingly the attitude is we don't want that democrat in office. >> can i add what he didn't do. he didn't revokes doca. controversial to that opinion. he didn't lift sanctions on russia. senator mccain brought that forward. it goes back 180r
11:06 am
no internal allies or perpetual -- i would say the one thing setting off the alarm bill is including iraq on the list. i agree with senator mccain on that. too much is at stake. he didn't target muslims. he didn't send out the dreamers. there is a moderation under the actions. i think it's admirable and political. it will be reinforced this week with the supreme court. >> he's not trying to sell moderations or sell collisions behind it. he's not saying my actions are reasonable. i'm reaching out to chuck schumer and the congress. the reason he may of slowed down russian sanctions is senator mccain and senator mcconnell said we're not for. that we have legislation that would clearly pass with a bipartisan majority legislating the sanctions. that made things look differently. he's no
11:07 am
behind anything looking or selling moderate. >> i would@, yet. nixon goes to china in 72 not 69. you're tough at the start you get soft eras you go on. >> approval rating is 36 percent. i think the trump administration has to take this cost seriously. >> dickerson: not just domestic costs. there are responses overseas. the chief of staff can argue this and make a case on american television. a lot of opinions will be formed in actions taken overseas. doesn't seem to be action from the white house on what reince praoeb i couldn't say saipriebud overseas. >> trump doesn't want to do things traditionally. but traditionally beginning as a president is a opportunity to
11:08 am
broadway and reach to collisions. this administration is taking a different approach, divisive approach. we don't know yet the consequences of all of the provocative actions he has taken diplomatically. the dust up with mexico this week. we don't know where that will end. we don't know if the master negotiator will make mexico pay for the wall that the american tax payer is on the hook for. will that end in a diplomatic crisis, a trade war, rolling back of nafta. in a lot of ways despite the symbolism it's too early to tell the concrete consequences. when the president will be test s-d when he has to face a unexpected crisis. when he has to face the actions of another government with consequences for americans. >> this week king abdullah of jordan, a closeme
11:09 am
coming to washington. think he's rushing don't put the embassy in jerusalem. he doesn't have an appointment with the president. he's flying on the a cements hee will see someone. the president doesn't want to see an arab leader before he sees the leader of israel. the people can come here under the immigration order that was issued but he represents a larger community. it will be interesting to see how they manage. that. >> dickerson: we will stay overseas before we get to the smorgasbord of dough mostics. a press conference with theresa may who had a press meeting with president trump. this is what she said about the conversation they had. >> mr. president, i think you confirmed you're a
11:10 am
we also discuss the importance of nato continuing to insure it's equipped to fight terrorism, cyber warfare as conventional signs of war. >> dickerson: hugh, how did you read this. it seems like you said this behind closed doors and maybe not now but you're committed to nato. >> that's exactly how i read that. i think the prime minister, remarkable, and the president it was the high point. especially the humor with the british reporter aggressive on his past statements. it was a good meeting with a strong ally. the best part of a very strong ten days with it's bumps. she was doing exactly. that we will stand together against russia. we will do this, you're on the record now. >> dickerson: recognizing concern about his public segments on nato. let's talk
11:11 am
president meeting with republicans in philadelphia. it seems like everyone there is on the same team. >> that's right. you see this with the, yesterday the reaction to the immigration order. few republicans, two republicans step out criticizing directly in terms. it seems especially with the speaker, paul ryan, they are very much sim pat sy mpatico ag in the same direction. again everyone is behaving as president trump has a broad level of political support. that's not reflected in the approval and favorability numbers, from the action of democratic law makers. at some point someone will realize perhaps within the gop their president may not be as popular as he's projected. then what
11:12 am
>> he's fop aou hrar with republican primary voters. that's who the republicans are scared of. there isn't that much unit behind the scenes. they're terrified of seeming not to be on the scene. they're looking to be like they are for the same thing. actually they don't know what he wants to do with healthcare. they're waiting for the signal to figure out their approach. various things have been floated. they know trump could tweet or say something tomorrow that could send them scrambling in another direction. their voters want them on the president team. want trump to be the leader. if trump wants to do something that republicans haven't been for. when he talked about infrastructure you would of heard a pin drop. if trump persist seeking what is a democratic priority, spending government money to build things it will be tough fore
11:13 am
line behind. that there is fear and uncertain see in the republican caucus. >> dickerson: we will continue to talk about this. we will take a break but be back with more from our panel. ♪ looking for clear answers for your retirement plan? start here. or here. even here. and definitely here. at fidelity, we're available 24/7 to make retirement planning simpler. we let you know where you stand, so when it comes to your retirement plan, you'll always be absolutely...clear. ♪ time to think of your future it's your retirement. know where you stand.
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11:15 am
cans. as molly said there are issues of infrastructure spending, defense spending, what he wants to do on drug prices. they're not traditionally conservative ideas. how do you think that accommodation gets worked out with republican leaders and congress? >> they won't make a war out of it. if he delivers a judge to the supreme court the senate will rally. the democrats are ob strucking his nominations in a way that republicans did not. there is a great deal of unaminity. infrastructure i want to give him a tenth of obama and i think he will do a hundred times as much. there is a splitting. paul ryan gets entitlement reform and president trump gets infrastructure and ship building. >> you saw this from the
11:16 am
i am a nerd and love the days of border tax policy. the reif you i will cans in congress was a border adjustment. different from the tariff that trump wants to do. you have republicans even some in the white house fudging it and say they're the same thing. they're not the same thing. it's not clear who will get their way. whether the republicans who are strongly convicted about fiscal conservatism. a lot feel that got them elected. whether they will go along with trump seeking his way. >> dickerson: and any deal of entitlement reform donald trump says he doesn't want to do. it's a significant climb down of what he has said and advisors have said. jamelle, democrats tried to be smart had and sneak in there with their own infrastructure bill. go ahead, mr. president, sign it how do you think that pla
11:17 am
>> i don't know. i see the strategy there for democrats, democrats to say we're putting forth a serious plan, something that will improve the nation's infrastructure. the plan trump proposes has tax incentives for private business. and democrats are more straight forward a stimulus style. the federal government will actively fund infrastructure programs. i think that approach is in direct tension what had seems to be, i said this earlier, the rising mood among democratic voters. some segment, certainly activists. i don't think it was -- i think it's noteworthy that yesterday the governors who jumped out to say we oppose this and will do whatever it takes to stop it are from virginia, andrew cuomo from new york. these are moderate democrats. these are not lefty. they sense the mood o
11:18 am
sort of here is our better plan to work with you and trump approach is unacceptable. >> dickerson: interesting also donald trump met with union leaders. some supporting hillary clinton. he said i have roads and bridges to sell you. let's build them. that was a reach in. let me ask you about the affordable care act. donald trump says he wants something cheap, covering everyone, better and won't touch entitlements. that's a tall order. a lot of republicans feel that's a tall order. how nervous -- how does this get worked out between what donald trump wants and realistic. >> he has adopted president owe guam a's promises but not the means to get there. can you find different means. have they said look i don't think it's right for the government to be involvedn
11:19 am
healthcare. it's not the government responsible to make sure people have health coverage. that would be a philosophical idea. he says make sure nobody loses coverage or benefits of the program without the costs. it's a hard thing to square. that's why you heard on the tapes from philadelphia the mashing of teeth of republicans. they feel they will be left holding the bag for promises they didn't make. >> dickerson: how does this get worked out, hao *up. >> you have to get the confirmation. there is a phis over the calk he is of repale -- i am repeal it now and give it a dead date 18 months forward. then come up with a replacement. get it done. i will say this, john, steve banning -- the white house. reince praoeb i couldn't say did a fine job defending the president. kelly is everywhere.
11:20 am
jared is in the conversation. adding steve has upset senator mccain tells me there maybe a first among equals on policy. i haven't heard him say a word about obamacare. i don't think they know what they want yet. that leaves the congressional waiting. the senate needs to get him confirmed. >> dickerson: let me ask you this, banning, what the are rolls in the white house and who plays what roll. this week in a meet are of congressional leader president trump said he believes there were three million illegal votes and that's why he lost the vote. that's a belief he holds spicer said. usually they rush to defend and not put it over here. what did you make of that? and now the investigation of voter fraud? >> it seems consistent with the donald trump i tkpwofd for a yend
11:21 am
presidential campaign. he believes a lot of things that are not true. he believes in conspiracy theory. he believes ted cruz's dad may of had something to do with the kennedy assassination. there are beliefs that donald trump holds and can't be diswadded. now he's pred and it has consequences. now he's president, when someone points out what he believes is not true he can order a investigation into it. the question is this investigation something his staff has done to placate him or is it something he felt pushed into, forced into by the criticism of his statement, that will have actual consequences in terms of legislation to be passed to make it harder to vote. that's what happened the last time republicans were obsessed with voter fraud. >> dickerson: huge question on steve bannon. in the white house they have to have someone to tell the
11:22 am
the president has a interesting standard. on one hand the intelligent agencies tell him something about russia. he doesn't want to believe it. he will believe thin material on the question of three to five influenced. can someone say no to the president. >> that's a crediting question. i would say kuschner. -- jared is literally family. there are clearly interesting rolled rolls. ban south chief ideologist it seems. he has domestic and foreign policy philosophy. jared has his hands in many interesting things. when the meeting was canceled with the president of mexico jared got that going. he seems to be getting things done. can he go to his father-in-law and say this is not right. i don't know.
11:23 am
him. >> dickerson: there is an argument nobody should tell the president on this specific case no. he has launched voter irregula irregularities and republicans may want this. >> yes. there are voting right advocates that are afraid of this investigation. they feel if sessions is confirmed it's the entry point on voting rights. i want to get to banning real quick. the idea of achieve ideologist is important. one thing that's under examed about ban on is his relationship and his roll prior to joining the trump campaign. if you look what the administration has done this week. from the publicized
11:24 am
undocumented immigrants. this seems minor but the holocaust memorial statement not mentioning jewish americans or antisemitism. this is hallmarks of the white national rhetoric. you see them -- what exactly is ban on's rollnl here and his beliefs. >> dickerson: that's all we have time for. thank you to our panel. we will be right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons.
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